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Hail Gil is a Book and News blog powered by Blogger. This blog is a one-stop interest "corner" of Gil. From reading and writing to latest news, and books to opinionated articles are all here. Hail Gil will serve as a peep hole where you can take a peep to his various interests. Can be also considered as a personal blog. What can you find in this blog? Click Here!  


Angelito G. Nambatac Jr (Nickname: Gil), a proud Filipino, was born in the 24th of July 1993 in the soil of Iligan City, the renowned City of Majestic Waterfalls. He was nurtured well and fed with humongous values by his mother and father, who are both teachers.

He is currently studying at Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology taking up bachelor of Arts in English. 

Gil loves to write short stories and poems. In fact, he is looking forward to be a successful and a notable writer in the world of fiction. He loves to read novels especially that of John Grisham's and some classic literary works. He is also a frustrated blogger.

He has a blog (click here) that focuses in his soon to be writing career. All his writings are compiled there (Still under "construction").

                               My Lakbayan grade is D!
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