Sunday, May 6, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Hate MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (IIT)

Life isn't just about likes. Yin has Yang. Peace has War. Likes have hates.

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10. Canteen I really hate the canteens of IIT. There are three main canteens inside the campus: 
(1) CBAA Canteen (located near the College of Business Administration and Accountancy), (2) CED Canteen (located inside the College of Education), and (3) IDS Canteen (located near the Integrated Developmental School -High School). The size and the food being sold in the CBAA canteen, and the distance of the IDS and CED canteens make me hate them. 

It would be a much help if they, the school admin, will put up a single yet big canteen/cafeteria in the campus and location of such must be accessible.

9. Guards IIT has the best guards ever in the world! Why? Imagine, they inspect bags of people going inside the campus without opening it! How come? I salute to who ever trained them. This kind of skill is RARE to our race.

8. Wifi Connection Weak wifi connection! (or better say, no connection at all.)

7. Comfort Rooms Dirty cubicles, lack of water, clogged toilet bowls, poor lighting, and damaged door knobs. The Perfect CR for the country's scholars...

                        PS. COE's CRs are exempted to this one. Why? They're rarely used. Haha.

6. Exit Gate The biggest in the world. Even two grade one students can't easily fit in.

5. Unapproachable university staff I don't know if they're normally like that or just innocent lunatics being dictated by Luna, but they're more or less unapproachable. I hope their educational attainments and their positions don't make them like that (I can understand and accept them if they're just lunatics than the latter. Hahaha).

4. Business interests sprung outrageously I don't know if this is true or not but base on the rumors that fell over my feet, there are businesses that wanted to penetrate inside the campus for the sole purpose of "extracting money" and for them to develop their wealth (IIT caters thousand + students). There's one business owner who bribes student leaders so he can operate in IIT. Tsk3. Poor. This thing is in my hate list because it opens an avenue for these student leaders to do corruption.

3. Corruption Talking about corruption in the previous list, IIT is not exempted in the trend. According, again to my unverified info, corruption is rampant inside the Admin. I don't know if it's true but I still consider the possibility. *Sigh* This is why, I think, CRs in IIT are as dirty as hell.

2. Unimaginative and deaf university officials This one started to sink in me when I was admitted to an IITian FB group of active professors, deans, school staff, and students as members. Until I saw posts of concerned professors. They are talking about how they can enhance IIT as a whole (from education to student services). And hell, they have good ideas. Oh let me rephrase. And hell, they have WORLD CLASS ideas for a WORLD CLASS wannabe institution! Why don't they propose it to the Admin? But a professor, a member of the group, told me,  "I already told them about these things but they won't LISTEN to me." Oh!

1. Mindanao State University (MSU) Main
MSU Main Logo
MSU is not in IIT but we are part of them, therefore I have the right to hate them (serious much? haha). MSU is included, and as the top reason why I hate IIT, because they hinder us to excellence and development. Many had told me that unless IIT is part of MSU we can't fly to the limits. They are the ones responsible why IIT can't offer more courses, and why infrastructure projects are so rare. Why, because, I think, they envy us. IIT outranked MSU. Yes, IIT owes MSU the shiny name of being with their system but they should not pull us down. Instead, they should help us to achieve success. As the mother, they should give us what we need and as the child, IIT has the right to demand for a better future. Love us my mother MSU, for we have already loved you since you had adopted us and cradled us in your name.

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