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What is Hail Gil?

Hail Gil is a blog by a author wannabe. This is his corner in the virtual world where he can share his interest to many. Click here to know more about this blog.

Who writes for Hail Gil?

This blog is authored by Angelito Gomos-Nambatac Jr, an AB English student of MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City, Philippines. Also known as Gil. Click here to know more about the Gil.

Are you working under an organization?

No! I am an independent blogger who writes more about my personal views and preferences. If you have read any sensitive articles in this blog, it is merely an expression of my stand on that particular topic and wasn't been influenced by an organization or a certain individual.

Does this blog have any programs?

Yes! Actually, this blog is divided into programs. Every program has its own topic and scheduled posts. Here are the ff:

Does this blog offer any services?

Definitely. Normally, Hail Gil offers book reviews and book tours and advertising. But as of this moment, book reviews and book tours were CLOSED due to a great demand of book reviews. Advertising in this blog will soon be launched.

Aside from this blog, where can I hang out with you?

Virtually speaking, I hangout on Facebook, Facebook page, Writing blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Plurk, Google Plus, Wattpad, and Goodreads.

Every school days- I'm at the Himantayon Avenue, College of Arts and Social Sciences, MSU-IIT spotting some mr-and-ms-fashion-know-it-all who critics student's dresses as if he/she is a fashion genius. I hate those guys!

During Weekends- O.o Hang-out with me at Dreaming Avenue and Dreams 101 club. ^^ I love weekends. :D

What is your current Google page rank?

Check Google Page Rank

How many followers do you have?

Blogger Followers- 20
Twitter Followers- 62
Plurk Followers- 41 (friends) 55 (fans)
Google Plus Circle- 21
Wattpad Fans- 66
Goodreads- 16 (friends) 2 (followers)
Facebook Page Fans- 263 (On The Corner) 73 (Abolish SK)
Facebook- 2,140 (friends) 12 (subscribers)
Youtube Subscribers- 11
TOTAL: 2782 Followers/Friends/Fans/Subscribers

 I want to advertise on this blog. How will I make it happen?

Click here to see cheap advertising rates.

I am an author and I wanted my book to be reviewed. How can I send you a review request?

Read Book Review Policy.

I am an author. What book promotions can you offer to me?

I can cater book reviews, author guest post, and author interviews. I am also open for book tours. Read Book Review Policy and fill up the Review Request Form. 

Are you a paid reviewer?

NO! I am not a paid reviewer. I'm not being paid by any author or publisher to make a review on their books.

I am a blogger and I want to follow you. Would you follow me back?

Yes, I would follow you back. Just leave me a message/comment telling that you have followed me and wants to be follow back too. Indicate your name used to follow my blog and your blog's/site's address. This goes the same with my other social network accounts.

I am a blogger. Can I have a guest post slot on your blog?

Yes, you can. Just contact me (click here) and we'll talk about that.

Are you open for some link exchange?

Yes. Certainly. Click here and let me know your intention.

I want to contact the author of this blog. How can I approach him?

You can contact him in any of his social network accounts or fill up this contact form

I have questions that were not listed on this FAQ list. 

Contact Gil here and let him know your inquiry.

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