Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Dose | Stupid Generation is Coming

"Dapat 'yang anak mo maka-girl friend na 'yan dahil kung hindi baka mabaliw yan sa babae. Mahirap na kung wala pang experience ang anak mo sa ganyang mga bagay. The more experience sa pag-nonobya, mas magaling na lalaki maging ang anak mo in the future.."
 This was the statement that came out from the mouth of one of our neighbors while they were having a chat with my mom about me if I do have already a girl friend. And yes, I found this a BIG SHIT especially, thinking about the fact, that it came from a parent. I know what's already in your mind that I'm just too OA but no, the fact that you, as a parent, will force (or encourage, if that' the right word) your son/daughter to engage to relationship for the sole purpose of obtaining experience is a the most dumb advice you may give to your children. BAD PARENTS WON'T RAISE GOOD AND SENSIBLE CHILDREN. They should not talk that way.
What's wrong with this?

Our parents should be our map and our guide while we are taking our journey, we call life and NOT to encourage us to have a relationship for the sake of experience. What they should teach us is the value of being loyal and true to our feelings towards other and not to play the feelings of women (or men). They should encourage us to be (1) responsible enough to the decisions we will be choosing and  to be (2) true enough when we will be expressing our love to a certain person. They should teach us not to hurt others and not to play the feelings of the person having a good intention at you, having the feeling that he/she really loves you with all his/her heart. 
Parents like that of my neighbor (and I want her to read this) are not worthy to be called and respected as parents. What she did is teaching his son to hurt the feelings of women. She should have learned this things through her experiences in life before. She, too, is a woman herself. She would now how girls feel.

Love should not be taken as a game. It is the most wonderful feeling a person may experience in his life. For the parents: teach them the value and importance of  taking love seriously. For the teens like me, never hurry, have patience. Time will be your instrument to tell whether what you feel today is true love or just a plane arousal.

 Live life well.

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