Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Review: Point Deception by Jim Gilliam

Point Deception
by Jim Gilliam
Publication Date: Dec. 21, 2010 
Publisher: BookLocker
ISBN: 978-1-60910-620-1
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Genre: Fiction, Autobiography, Military
Book Description:

Surviving the mean streets of New Orleans in 1956, young Tim Kelly begins a young Indiana Jones style adventure by lying about his age to join the Coast Guard at fourteen.
Almost a decade later, Kelly transfers to San Francisco where he immediately runs afoul of his new executive officer. In lieu of a court martial Kelly volunteers for combat duty in Vietnam where three of his friends are killed in a friendly fire incident. Deeply mourning the loss of his friends, he releases his rage in an Air Force officer's club and is punished with a less than honorable discharge.
Back in the U. S. Kelly embarks on a new career as an undercover narcotics agent, entering the shadow world of drug and human trafficking sponsored by his old friend and mentor Rodolfo Guzman, a kingpin in the powerful Campeche drug cartel. His failure to check in with his handler alerts a team of Texas lawmen who embark on an illegal, clandestine, armed incursion into the sovereign territory of Mexico to either rescue Tim or recover his body. It is a bold and dangerous plan. Not even the most elite units of the Mexican federal police dared attack Rodolfo Guzman's hacienda--a renegade state within a state that did not answer to the Mexican government.
Will the rescue team arrive in time?
Jim Gilliam's novel moves like a freight train through a tight, spellbinding storyline. An engaging and fast-paced suspense thriller, Point Deception is a riveting page-turner, based on true events.

-Book Locker



Point Deception is a debut novel of Jim Gilliam. Like Tim, the author ran away from their home and joined the USCG (US Coast Guard) at the age of 14.

The novel wanted to show to its readers, especially to non-US citizens, that in spite of US over-whelming power in the world, US can't still end the illegal Mexican trades happening within US-Mexico border. This novel also shows mother-son relationship at times when a father is out or lost within the sight of the family. Independence is the value that is being highlighted and I love the way how the author portrayed this value. Another value that I like most is the heaviness of fighting for justice and for the betterment of many despite of the fact that Tim treated Rodolfo like his own father but still agrees to be an undercover narcotics agent against Rodolfo.

Though the author should have paid much attention to the military part (because this is I how see the book at first), but maybe, aside from the adventures and military actions, the author wanted to put importance on HOW the protagonist strives for independence to do the things that he really wanted to do in his life.

According in this book, the author also will be publishing a sequel to this. I am still looking forward to read his incoming book.

Good job.

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