Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Kiss Me Quick, Before I Shoot by Guy Magar

In memory of Jacqui Magar. 

I loved the romance aspect of this book. So informative but yet it grips your emotion.

Kiss Me Quick, Before I Shoot
by Guy Magar
Publication Date: April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9828663-4-4
Genre: Celebrity, Memoir, Romance
Book Description:

Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot is a memoir about magic: the magic of making films and the magic of finding true love. If you love movies and you're a romantic at heart, this is your dream book.

"For me, there is no more magical a professional endeavor than making films," says Guy Magar. With production work spanning over 100 credits from shorts to TV shows to feature films, Guy Magar's behind-the-scenes stories range from his first producer turning out to be a Mafia assassin, to shooting in Egypt for the original series Battlestar Galactica, to directing a grunting Mr. T on The A-Team, to almost decapitating a young Drew Barrymore, and coming close to derailing James Cameron's career (or slowing it down as he proved way too talented for anyone to alter his storied destiny!)
Kiss me quick before I shoot was Guy's welcoming catchphrase to his wife Jacqui whenever she visited on-set, seemingly always just before he rolled cameras. And so this book is also about a deeper magic, the magic of finding your soulmate, your life partner.
But then, out of the blue, after 26 years into their marriage, Jacqui was diagnosed with leukemia. Guy put his film career on hold and his entire 24-hour life focus became to find the right, new cutting-edge treatment to heal Jacqui. 
This book is about daring to dream...and making dreams come true. Join Guy on a wild and thrilling rollercoaster ride as he shares the behind the curtain reveal of a Hollywood directing career, the intoxicating highs of finding and sharing true love, and the sweet triumph of survival and healing, all rolled into a unique and engaging memoir read which will become a favorite to curl up with (hot chocolate required) and to recommend to all your friends.


5 bulbs
Four for the tenderness. This book really took me to where
it wanted to take me smoothly.


I really love the set of books that I read this time because even it's not in the mainstream industry these books still live to what a good book should be. These books deserved a public recognition because of it superb content. One of these is Guy Magar's Kiss Me Quick, Before I Shoot.

This book left me in my reading corner stunned and speechless as I came in its end. I know that this book is very wonderful but still no words can be heard from me nor words floating in my mind that will try to assess it. Wonderful is not enough I guess. For this book deserves more than that. This book deserves the a slot in the limelight of publishing and deserves to be marked as "A MUST READ OR ELSE YOU MISS 3/4 of YOUR LIFE" label.  

This is one of the books that I ever read whose emotion of the characters transferred to my physical being. This book is classy!
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