Thursday, October 27, 2011

OMG! **This is bad.*

"OH MY! I can't believe this..."

Oh! Hi there... Sorry for not noticing you... It's just that I can't believe what I received earlier. This is a letter from my cousins (far related cousins), Itaso and Tiv saying that they will have their semestral vacation in our house! Hmm... Well, why I worry? It's because every time that they will have a visit, my usual life will be disturbed. One example: I can't have our computer work even though they had actually used it. They will also try to mess up my virtual life (right down from my social networking accounts down to my blogs!) Not even a single mercy is in their genes. I tell you.

And if you will try to meet them in person, expect the unexpected. And one day you will just found yourselves asking, "IS THIS TRUE? HOW DID THEY DO THIS?" See, what I mean? Hahaha...

Hope I can manage them well. ( I really hope so.)


Itaso and Tyv will arrive by Nov. 1! 

(Double-trouble! That's the start of the NANO season! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!)
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