Sunday, March 18, 2012

Online Job

I never expect to have an online job. You are right. I just had my job about a week ago and I thought that having a job will be impossible. But, no, I just have one. I thought it is a very easy job to be working online and eating some of your hours just working, but this isn't a joke. It is a very tough work though. For now, I've managed to deliver the work as instructed and I will be doing it for months, I think.

Why in the earth am I doing a job like this? Simple. I wanted to buy something for myself. I want to buy A Kindle Fire. And for a start, I will be working for that. If successful, I'll next buy a Canon 7D or anything as long as it is a DSLR camera. I don't want to be dependent to my parents and I will gonna show them how persistent I am when I wanted something. I'll be saving then for myself after I bought these stuffs. Gonna be hard this time. ^^

Gonna get out to this blog and start working. (Check soon for the progress...)
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