Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peek 'N Berry: How I perceive you

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This morning I, with friends, went to Peek 'N Berry after finishing some of our works at school and decided to take some lunch. Actually, I've been here to a couple of times. But, when I remembered that I gave been writing reviews I tried to take some details on the service they are giving to their costumers. We were disappointed then. Why?
  • Their crews serve so slow. Peek 'N Berry is a fast food establishment, therefore their costumers going here were really hungry and had resorted to them expecting a really fast service. But that it wasn't what we expected from them.
  • The way they serve doesn't impress us. They served the first batch of our orders in a glass bowl. No problem. But the next was unforgivable. Instead of giving us our orders in the same bowls they served first, they have it in a styro-bowls. Why? Haven't they washed the other bowls which supposed to be done? Why styro? Bad.
Their food is undoubtedly delicious. There's no issue on that. What we try to assess here now is the type service they give to customers. We see a problem in that aspect. They might consider to enhance that part.

Maybe it was just that time when they failed to serve us well.A second and third visit might be the safest way to have a final conclusion. But as for this moment, I can say, they are bad.


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