Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Secret Feelings by Abdulla Kazim

 Secret Feelings
by Abdulla Kazim
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4349-0998-5
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Romance

Where do you go to find purpose and the inspiration to continue meeting life’s daily challenges? From his youth, Noordin Ahmed was filled with turbulent sorrow and self-pity. As a result of his cold past, he felt his life was not worth living, and he asked God to grant him death on his twenty-fifth birthday. But, God did not fulfill his request. Instead, Noordin came across a certain book, The Alchemist, which spoke to his heart about the brightness of life and the need to make it worth living. He decided that only one thing could bring about light and happiness to his cold, dark existence: the love of a woman.
So, Noordin set out on his quest to find love. A naïve, noble man who had never known the touch of a woman, Noordin first approached a co-worker in innocence, and she quickly rebuked his proposal of marriage. Next, he set his sights on a beautiful stranger, whose life was also lacking in love. Will Noordin be able to find what his heart seeks in the stranger Angeline? Will he find the courage to continue on his quest for love, even when his secrets and those of others are finally revealed? Read Secret Feelings, by Abdulla Kazim, to find out. (Dorrance Book Description)




Secret Feelings by Abdulla Kazim is one of the romance novels that tinges every nerve in my body. It makes me hate and love and laugh. Every character really grips in myself and like a coffee stain, it is very hard to get it away till now.

Noordin, one of the main characters, reminds me of a friend who is so desperate to have a love affair. He reminds me of a friend that I laugh about because he tries to court every girl he knew and I pity him for that. Really! He is so desperate that I fear him, for he also tries to get my love. So bad right? Like Noordin, a creation of Mr. Kazim, he makes me pity and hate him too. He is desperate to have a love affair but he is so slow in getting the girl he wanted. He won't speak up to the girl! Noordin makes me irritated. Honestly. If I will be asked, this is a good sign, for Kazim really got the emotion and the feeling of the reader. Other characters, Liv, Angeline and Sarah, also got my emotions. Good job there by Mr. Kazim.

But what makes the rating a little low is due to the fact that I, personally, was bothered as to how the words were arranged. True! It doesn't affect the story but it seems so awkward to me. However, everything is fine.

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