Saturday, May 5, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Like MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (IIT)

Below is my personal list as to why I like IIT. This is base to various factors, less arguable facts, and personal likeness:
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10. Student Diversity MSU-IIT admit students all over the country especially in Mindanao. Students from Luzon and Visayas fled their hometowns just for them to experience a high quality education at a low cost. Because of that fact, the students of IIT are as diverse as the country itself. Not to mention how the institute cater students from the tri-people (Muslim, Lumad, Christians) just proves one thing: that peace can still be injected to society regardless of having a diverse culture is. Not just that. You may meet 1000+ combinations of human attitude. If your so tactless to one of your friends, you can't be like that to others. No one IITian is the same, which makes me challenging in finding ways on how you can connect and mingle with them.

Photo Courtesy by
Photo Courtesy by Paul Saoy
9. Active Students I think, compared to other colleges in Iligan, IIT has the most active students when it comes to student politics. The annual election of the KASAMA (Kataastaasang Sangunian ng mga Mag-aaral), the governing student body of IIT, proves how IITians are very passionate in serving the studentry and in protecting their rights as a student, their interests, and their freedom against potential oppressors in or out of the institute. And if we say KASAMA election, we really mean TRUE ELECTIONS. Not to mention how political flyers, streamers, banners, tarps and other campaign paraphernalia bath IIT to its fullest. Just imagine how city elections are being done is also the same thing when we talk about the KASAMA election inside IIT. That's how active we are when in terms of political engagements among students.
2011 Variation of the KASAMA logo.
TINGOG 2012 KASAMA candidates
STAND-IIT 2012 KASAMA Presidential Candidate
LIHOK ASTIG- IIT- 2012 KASAMA Candidates
TINGOG's message thanking IITians as they dominate
the 2012 KASAMA Elections, readying themselves
as 2012-2013 KASAMA Officers
8. Issue-sensitive constituents When there are issues that concerns IIT, students, professors, staffs, university officials and deans, rushed out to their comfort zones just for them to exhaust and express their sentiments to such issue and at all cost, find ways to mean both ends. Latest issues like SUC Budget Cuts and the security threat within the Brgy. San Miguel were actively participated by the IIT commune.

7. Active Extension Programs IIT is also active in extension and outreach programs in the city and among neighboring barangays where IIT is situated helping both young and old, men and women, Christians and Muslims.

6. Has gradually grasp to technology  IIT is now slowly modernizing their facilities and in their approach to education as they embed technology for a more efficient "knowledge and wisdom transfer".

5. Provides their graduates an edge in landing a better and stable job. EPIPHANY.

4. Hungry for excellence The constant college accreditation just proves how IIT wants excellence!

3. Has a strong vision of being a world-class institution of higher learning

2. High Quality Educators Great teachers, yield great graduates! ^^

1. One of the top universities of the country Self-explanatory. You know how being in the list of the top Philippine universities gives you nerve shocking erf. (Hahaha.) ^^

From 4ciu Philipine University Ranking

You there! Share why you like IIT. 

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