Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poll | Is Pacquiao's statement against gays rational?

It is very unethical to attack a certain race, country, culture, or society and embarrass them in media. However, did Pacquiao really embarrassed the LGBT (Lesbain, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgender) community because of a statement that was only link to him and not really uttered from his own mouth? What I think is that, our LGBT friends had misinterpreted the news about Pacquiao condemning them. In the first place, it wasn't Pacquiao who recited or quoted a verse from Leviticus. It was a foreign columnist/writer who quoted such and not Pacquiao. So, there's no need for you, LGBTs, to hate the great Pacman. Alright? Chill bro! (bro? hmmm.^^) Sorry, there's a sort of confusion down here. Hehe. Anyways, let's check the last week's poll about this issue (see pic above).

Out of 19 respondents, 17 of which are in favor that Pacquiao is in his rational state of mind when he was misinterpreted about his statement against gays (LGBT sector as a whole). I can't say if this 17 people were molested (sorry for the word) or had a bad experience with our gay friends or they're just rational about their stand. But this was how the poll goes.

To clear the issue, it is not Pacquiao that our LGBT friends should hate.

For this week's poll question:
What do you want for PH to do to CHINA?
( ) Boycot CHINA goods
( ) Ban Chinese and everything from CHINA
( ) Force ASEAN members to teach CHINA a lesson
( ) Force UN to not allow CHINA "invade" Philippines
( ) Do massive diplomatic meetings and encounters

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