Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas Gift for myself...

Everyone, I assume, in this world works hard in their respective lives to strive for something. From students who are relentlessly facing the challenges at school to CEOs and executives who want to meet certain goals for their companies. Because of that, I say, we deserve a treat for ourselves.

Weeks before, I really wanted to give something for myself. But the problem lies as to where I would get the money to buy that something. Fortunately, I was texted by a classmate telling that I can now get the stipend, which I waited for two months. (hahaha!) Though I waited for three and a half hour at the institute's cashier, it is still worth it. After which, I bought these two books below; works of the two authors I afraid to read: Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel. (Want to know why I am afraid to read their works? I need 3 comments for this post to reveal why.)

Angels Fall   
I know YOU-HAVEN'T-READ-THAT? ideas running on your mind. But this is me... It's not my fault then. Leave the blame to the only nice bookstore here (Iliganons, knsa'y naka-relate? Raise your right leg!). Anyways, it makes me feel better now that I am on my way on revealing what kind of authors they are. This is the first, I think, that I made a treat for myself (I guess).

I also found out a great book offers from Barnes and Nobles. Can save money too. If it is a book or two, look for a Barnes and Noble promotional code and save some money.

How about you? What will be the gift that you will give for yourself?
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