Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prayer for Iligan by Jackie Navarro

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Below is a short prayer made by Jackie Navarro as she posted this as a comment in a post that I have in this blog regarding the tragedy. Let us pray for the survivors, victims, and their loved ones whom they left behind:

I pray for fellow Filipinos, whose lives suffered the wrath of the last
Please grant us courage, to face the long road to recovery; 
give us enough grace, to accept Your will despite our huge losses; 
sustain us with Your love that will protect us from further harm; 
and guide us, that the way to You remains, 
despite the sadness and desperation that surround us.

This disaster destroyed our possessions; 
took so many precious lives; 
and has now created a serious challenge 
for my home country to overcome... 
but nothing can ever take away, 
nor ever destroy, 
our FAITH. 

Where there is faith...there is hope. 

We entrust ourselves into Your Hands, Lord. 


Sidlak Dasig Iligan!!! 
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