Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Hoax, For the Truth

I really never thought of having a list of some good-to-be-true resolutions for this year. For the fact that I can't have it work in my side's favor, not even once,I never again bother to come up with one. but this time, it's different. A resolution, for me, is not just a plain list of activities or chores that you seem so essential for becoming a better person, but it is also one way of addressing the "cobwebs" of life that made your progress, as a person, move slow. So I'd contemplated for a day and came by these resolutions:

First in the list is my problem on procrastination. I've made it already a habit to set aside more important tasks while wasting my time doing nothing. This year, though I might consume a truckload of E.F.F.O.R.T, I wanted it to be fixed and to learn, as much as possible, the art of prioritizing things with a good thrust of time management.

Second, I will adopt a daily routine that will aid my fluency in the English language. As a student that studies the language, I ahve to manifest mastery and exhibit competence when it comes to communication, both written and oral. I wanted to do the routine till I guarantee excellence in English. But before that, my goal as for this moment is to attain the quality of an English graduate expected by our department.

Lastly, I wanted to try things that I haven't tried inside the academe. Things that will boldly enhance my personality though engaging to activities inside the institute. I don't want to waste my four years in college just studying and waiting to rot.

There you go! Three of the most important resolutions had just been laid. This should serve as my guide throughout the year and hoping this hoax, most of the time, to be fulfilled.

It is also important to not waste money, to save everywhere I can.
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