Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Muslim-Christian Relationship: Workable or It's Complicated?

I really wonder whether Muslim-Christian relationship works well in reality because after what I witnessed yesterday I feel that Muslim-Christian relationship is very complicated and turns odd. I was riding a jeepney and sat beside a Muslim old man. I believe that he is the only Muslim inside the jeep and the others are either Catholics or in the other branch of Christianity. Personally, that's no big deal then. Everything was normal and calm.
But the calmness of the sea was disturbed when there's a young Christian/Catholic (I suppose) man passenger getting in the jeep. Even he knows there's no vacant seat available, he still wanted to get in. He then sat down between me and the Muslim old man. Without caution, he abruptly sat. So, the old man got slightly mad, conversing to the young man in the Muslim dialect and having a gesture saying that it hurts. Other passengers took it bad. Some said: "Kangil-ad pud anang tigulanga na! Nganong dili mana siya magpalingkod?" while others "Naunsa na siya? Nganong masuko mana siya?!".Of course, an old man, whether a Muslim or a Christian, is so sensitive and might have some aches in his body and might get hurt. It was not the old man's fault! But that wasn't I expected from them. Though the old man is just around, they still continue to barge him with unethical words in low voices. 

With despair and disappointment towards the Christian/Catholic passengers, I tried to stare at them in their eyes while having this words running in my head: "Ingana dyud diay mo? Mga mapanghusga! I thought we wanted peace? Dili pajud mo ready to have peace with our Muslim brothers. Get that kind of ideology out of your system!"
How would Christians achieve peace with them even in that little situation we already deal with them ill-mannerly ? I say, no peace will be achieve in that kind of mentality! 

As of now, I don't have the power to change those kind of people over-night. What I can do is just to convey what PEACE really is. Lets listen to these songs below: 

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