Monday, September 5, 2011

The King of all dances: Budots!

ITS BEEN A TIME since Budots (a Philippine-born dance "genre") shook the dancing arena in the Philippines and achieved popularity throughout the streets in Mindanao and Visayas. From children ages 5 years old and above, knew and love the dance because of its complex dance moves.
One needs to move all the parts of the body to the best he or she can; from the head to arms, waists, knees, and legs. Wonder Budots. But many people relentlessly oppose to the dance. It is because most dancers they see doing budots are those people who don't much do anything in their lives but to hang-out on streets and (some of them) make troubles within their places and tend to be not a good model for others to do the dance as well. 

In the other hand, in the west, they also come up a similar dance move like that of budots. They call it The Dougie. Though they have differences but the concept of both dances are the same: to move your body as much as you can while doing it downwards. Many hailed The Dougie upon its reach in the Philippine dancing arena. Compared to Budots, they say, The Dougie is much formal and much nicer to look at. True! But think again. WHAT MAKES DOUGIE BETTER THAN BUDOTS? The dancers make the trick. Hollywood celebrities, foreign and local TV icons, famous dancers and etc. Then, that's main reason why most people prefers Dougie than Budots. 

Now, if you will imagine Budots will be danced by people who are professionally inclined to dancing and dance it with grace plus expose videos of Hollywood celebs and TV icons and beauties dancing it, would you still prefer Dougie? Right! Budots then will be a major addition to the evolving art of dance in the world! See how intense movements are, how dancers emerge and use their body creativity, the active techno music, grace, and plus plus plus... you name it, no modern dance move can break the BUDOTS FEVER.

Here is a sample videos of Budots and The Dougie.


Last words to ponder:
What really makes cha-cha-cha, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and other dances the best depends on WHO the dancers are.

 Think again.
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