Monday, September 26, 2011

How to launch Facebook TIMELINE in just a minute!

Facebook and their developers have launched without a second thought of a new feature that they would like to present to their users, the facebook TIMELINE. It is like a story book of your life or at least an online diary of life's activities and achievements.

Fortunately, I had published and developed my account and acquired TIMELINE in just a matter of minute or two... If you would like to upgrade your account to facebook TIMELINE, here's how:

1. Log in to your facebook account.

2. Be sure to be in a developer mode. Just type in the facebook search box "developer" (Make sure that it is the "developer" made authentically my facebook and not just by mere users.)

3. Go to the developer app.

4. Create a new app. Give your new app a display name and namespace. Facebook will be doing some verification in this stage.

5. Be sure your in your new app's settings page. Your app name will appear near the top page.

6. Look for "Open Graph" header and click "Get started".

7. An action type configuration page will appear. Change the default settings to your desired preference (i.e People can read a magazine.)

8. Wait for one to two minutes. (max of 3 min)

9. Direct again to your facebook home page. An invitation for facebook timline will pop up above your screen.

Congratz! You now have your timeline page!

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